Tornado Allie



Tornado Allie

Since beating cancer, television news producer Allie Schwartz has been on a mission to tackle everything on her bucket list. First task—seeing a live tornado. When her best friend’s older brother, sexy storm-chasing tour guide Drake Roberts, offers to help with the naughty items from her list, she agrees to a one night stand and hands him the sexual reins.

Contractually forbidden from fraternizing with the guests and worried his sexual dominance would offend her, Drake has reluctantly kept his hands off the courageous Allie for five torturous days. But after experiencing his own brush with death and learning she works for the television station where he’s been hired as the new meteorologist, he can’t keep his attraction a secret any longer. So when he accidentally reads her naughty list, he withholds the fact they’ll soon be co-workers and seizes the opportunity to fulfill her fantasies. All but one. Because if he has his way, they’ll last longer than one night…



Excerpt from Tornado Allie

“Let’s talk more about your list,” he murmured, cradling her face in his large palms.

“Do we have to? Couldn’t we just…do it?”

“Oh no doubt about it, we’ll work our way down your list tonight, which is why I brought you up here.” He wrapped an arm around her waist, retrieved her list from his pocket, and leaned their backs against the ledge. “Number three. Public sex. Tell me what you imagined when you wrote this.”

“I didn’t imagine anything.”

He shot her a look of disbelief.

“Fine.” She buried her face on his chest. “I don’t mean I want to have sex while other people watch. It’s the idea of doing it out in the open where we could get caught that excites me.” She paused, waiting for him to respond. She couldn’t look at him and when he didn’t speak, she wrenched her hand away and pushed off the wall to head to the stairs. “You think I’m perverted, don’t you? Forget the list. It was silly, and I—”

He nabbed the back of her jean skirt and yanked her into the hard plane of his chest, then twisted her around. Without giving her a chance to protest, he kissed her hard, easing her fear she’d offended him with her naughty list. The moment she relaxed in his arms, he receded from the kiss, leaving her breathless.

With his thumb, he caressed the skin under her ear. “I think it’s fucking hot. Maybe it makes you perverted, but honey, you’re my kind of perverted. There’s nothing wrong with consenting adults having sex, even if the sex is considered unconventional by society’s standards. It’s not as if we’re breaking any laws.”

“Actually, public sex is illegal.”

His hands slid down her spine to rest right above her skirt. He leaned in, nipping her earlobe before he whispered, “I think it’s worth the risk, don’t you?”

Her heart galloped at the thought of him taking her in the open, underneath the stars, where anyone could walk through the door. “Here? Now?”

“No time like the present. We’ve only got ten hours to get through your list.”

Despite her fear of getting caught, her nipples tightened, and her pussy quivered. “We couldn’t possibly do everything on my list. I mean, how would you, you know, recover to do it all?”

“Do you doubt me?”

“The guys I’ve been with were good with once a night.”

He squeezed her ass. “Then you’ve been with the wrong guys.”